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Hello, I'm Inin!

I'm a full-stack designer with 7 years of experience in high-tech social app company, passionate about illustration and animation.

I enjoy taking on challenges and exploring new hobbies. Lately, I've been turning life into comics, gaining 9k followers in 2 months. It's gonna be ur biggest loss if u don't check me out! 😉

My Portfolio
About Inin
Product Design | Illustration | Animation
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Full-stack design capability, specializing in UI/UX design, proficient in illustration and animation. Have independently completed all design aspects within an app product.


Effective communication skills, previously managed a team of 20, adept at cross-departmental communication, strong empathetic abilities, and a talent for fostering teamwork.


Fluent in English in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Overseas study and work experience, a diverse international network of friends, and a strong sense of inclusivity.

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