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Still 5min10sec

         A graduation animation dedicated to my grandmother.


        My thesis started with the topic of LOST/FOUND, a lifelong subject for human being to deal with. In ancient Chinese philosophy, ‘Lost’ and ‘found’ are always came together as the meaning of ‘you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs’. In my thought, lost/found is not only a movement nor a result, it’s a journey to absorb and convert all kinds of feelings during life. It could be narrow as well as broad, and could be in process as well as result. It makes people growing up and moving on. 


         My ideal intention is to let viewer feel involved with their similar experience of losing/finding. In additional, I want to present a peaceful and open ending to reflect my title Still and give them a space thinking of the meander life dealing with lost/found.


- Still currently is not available for watching because of the policy from International Animation&Film Festival. I will update the link once to be released.



2016   Third Culture Film Festival ( Hong Kong )

2016   Victoria Film Festival ( Victoria, Canada. )

2015    Southampton Film Week ( Southampton, U.K. )

2015    AS Film Festival ( Rome, Italy )

2015    No Gloss Film Festival ( Leeds, U.K. )

2015    Home Grown Shorts ( Boston, U.S. )

2015    Cyclorama Show ( w Installation, Boston, U.S. )

2015    End Recording : SMFA Thesis Screening ( Boston, U.S. )

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